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South East Queensland Local Food Wheel

Display current season in top right quarter of the food wheel. The wheel shows when local fruit, vegetables and nuts are available for sale. Please note that these are generalisations based on past experience. Growing seasons may vary with changes in climatic conditions.

Following is an alphabetical list of products grown within 500 km of Brisbane and their availability.

Apple:available year round

Asparagus:harvested November to February

Avocado:harvested March to January

Banana:harvested year round

Basil:harvested August to March

Beans:harvested year round; availability drops off a little during winter

Beetroot:harvested May to November

Blueberries:harvested April to August

Broad beans:harvested April to August

Broccoli:harvested year round

Brussel sprouts:harvested May to August

Cabbage:harvested year round

Capsicum:harvested year round

Cauliflower:harvested March to December

Celery:harvested year round; uses more water in the summer months

Cherries:harvested November to January

Chives:harvested year round

Chilli:harvested year round

Cucumber:harvested year round

Custard apple:harvested April to August

Eggplant:harvested August to March

Garlic:harvested year round

Ginger:harvested year round

Grapefruit*:harvested April to August

Grapes:harvested December to January

Jaboticabas:harvested November to March

Leek:harvested April to August

Lemon*:harvested April to August

Lime*:harvested April to August

Macadamia nuts:harvested March to August; store easily, available year round

Mandarin*:harvested April to August

Mango:harvested November to February

Marjoram:harvested year round

Mulberry:harvested September to October

Nectarine:harvested November to January

Olives:harvested March to April; available year round

Onion:harvested year round

Orange*:harvested April to August

Oregano:harvested year round

Parsley:harvested year round

Parsnip:harvested year round

Passionfruit:harvested November to February

Papaya:harvested April to September

Peach:harvested November to January

Peanuts:harvested March to April; store easily, available year round

Pear:harvested February to April

Pecans:harvested May to August; available year round

Pineapple:harvested year round

Pomelo*:harvested April to August

Potato:harvested year round

Pumpkin:harvested August to March

Radishes:harvested year round

Rockmelon:harvested December to April

Sage:harvested year round

Shallots:harvested year round

Silverbeet:harvested year round

Snow peas:harvested April to September

Spinach:harvested all year round

Spring onion:available year round

Squash:harvested August to March

Strawberries:harvested April to August

Sweet corn:harvested November to March

Sweet potato:harvested all year round

Tangelo*:harvested April to August

Taro:harvested August to March

Tomato:harvested all year round

Watermelon:harvested December to April

Zucchini:harvested August to March

*all these are citrus fruit

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